Five session self-esteem teaching resources

  • Age: 10-16 yrs
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Five session self-esteem teaching resources

Our five-session body confidence teaching resources explore in depth the key factors that affect body image and self-esteem in young people.

The Dove Confident Me workshops address key topics including social media, peer pressure, and strategies for promoting and protecting body confidence.

In the course of five 45-60 minute sessions, the workshop series covers:

  • Challenging unrealistic sociocultural ideals of appearance
  • Media literacy with respect to these ideals
  • Reducing appearance comparisons and appearance conversations
  • Encouraging body activism and positive behavior change

Student learning is facilitated through class discussion and small group activities, along with video and activity worksheets to keep students engaged.

Research has shown that students who participate in the five-session Dove Confident Me workshops have improved body image and self-esteem, and feel more confident to participate in social and academic activities.

If you don’t have time to do all five sessions of Dove Confident Me, we have single-session teaching resources that cover the topics in less depth. However, we strongly encourage you to use the five-session resources where possible, as this approach allows for deeper student engagement and is more likely to lead to a longer-lasting and greater impact on the body image and self-esteem of students in your class.

  • Session 1: Breaking down appearance ideals

    Session 1: Breaking down appearance ideals

    Students identify the features that make up standards of beauty and then take the concept apart. How have standards changed? Where do they come from? What pressure do they put on us? What qualities should we celebrate instead?

    Download: Dove Confident Me: session 1/5
  • Session 2: Media messages

    Session 2: Media messages

    Students learn how to become savvy, critical media consumers (and producers) by exploring how images of people in TV, advertising, magazines and so on are often manipulated and drastically altered to reflect current standards of beauty.

    Download: Dove Confident Me: session 2/5
  • Session 3: Confront comparisons

    Session 3: Confront comparisons

    Students see how focusing on appearance often leads to unhelpful comparisons. Instead of judging other people's physical features to be “better” than their own, what more positive ways of making comparisons could they adopt?

    Download: Dove Confident Me: session 3/5
  • Session 4: Banish body talk

    Session 4: Banish body talk

    Examining the problems body talk can cause, including how it can damage self-esteem, students develop techniques to redirect or reframe such conversations for a more positive impact on body confidence.

    Download: Dove Confident Me: session 4/5
  • Session 5: Be the change

    Session 5: Be the change

    The final workshop brings together everything students have explored and learned so far with the chance to review and reflect. Students will prepare to lead by example as they take the body-confident message out into their school life.

    Download: Dove Confident Me: session 5/5
  • Stimulus Videos playlist

    Stimulus Videos playlist

    When prompted, share these short videos with your class to support the topics discussed and spark further debate on the importance of self-esteem and body confidence.

    Watch: Stimulus videos playlist

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