Friends and relationships

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Friends and relationships

How do relationships with family and friends affect girls’ self-esteem? How will your own relationship with your daughter during adolescence help her confidence as she grows? Use our practical articles and activities to help you share a closer, more open relationship.

As your daughter develops her sense of self in the world, the relationships she has with close members of family and her friends will influence her sense of self-worth enormously. As a parent, your role in helping her develop healthy and positive behavior is crucial. She will take so much from you: ideas, values and beliefs. Critically, we face the same pressures as our daughters about our own appearance, looks, size and shape; we can be just as susceptible to the negative messaging we may have received from our close family relationships and friendships. Our articles and activities are aimed at helping you break a common cycle of poor self-esteem or a preoccupation with appearance, body shape or size and to help open up communication with your daughter to speak freely about all of these things.

So start today – embrace a new way of sharing with your daughter and talking to her about body image and self-confidence.

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