Boost your daughter's body confidence

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Boost your daughter's body confidence

Use our parent resources to help you talk about body confidence with your daughter and support her to become a self-assured individual who values her uniqueness.

In a world that constantly tells girls how they should look and sets very narrow limits for what is considered “beautiful”, how can we help our daughters value their unique beauty and stay true to themselves?

The articles on this site have been specifically designed to provide help for parents on how to encourage their daughter to maintain a happy, healthy body image as she makes the tricky transition to adulthood. Offering professional advice, case studies, action checklists, conversation starters, videos, and shared activities, these tools consider both mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships to help you better understand how your daughter is feeling and how to help.

Since 2004, the Dove Self-Esteem Project has provided more than 1.5 million parents with the tools to help support their daughter's self-esteem and body confidence. Our content has been created by a panel of renowned experts from the fields of psychology, health, self-esteem, and media. Better yet, if you take 30 minutes to engage with the resources on this site, research shows you are likely to have a positive impact on your daughter’s self-esteem and mood, and improve your own body image, too!

Now is the time to instill your daughter with a positive attitude towards physical appearance and a body confidence that will last a lifetime.


Parents Resources

  • Uniquely Me

    Articles and self-esteem activities to share with your daughter

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    Uniquely Me
  • Mindful Me Activity Guide for Girls

    Step-by-step activities to encourage mindfulness and boost body confidence

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    Mindful Me Activity Guide for Girls

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