Dove Confident Me: school workshops for body confidence

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Dove Confident Me: school workshops for body confidence

Our specially-developed resources for teachers have everything schools need to run successful curriculum-aligned body confidence workshops. All can be downloaded for free.

Low body confidence and low self-esteem have a strong influence on a child's learning and school life. Anxiety about drawing attention to appearance has been linked to reduced capacity to focus and less active participation or engagement in class, resulting in poorer academic performance. Six out of 10 girls admit to avoiding at least one “normal” everyday activity because of feeling concerned about their looks, with one in 10 admitting to skipping school for this reason.

At Dove, we believe that every young person deserves to grow up feeling confident about the way they look so that they can reach their full potential. This is why we have developed the Dove Confident Me resources, designed to promote adolescent body confidence in a classroom setting. These free downloadable materials include a range of curriculum-relevant teaching resources, developed in collaboration with teachers and students. They are aimed primarily at 11-14 year olds, but can also be used with older girls and boys if you think it’s appropriate for your students. Research has shown that students who participate in our school body-confidence workshops have improved body image and self-esteem, and they feel more confident to participate in social and academic activities.

In our workshops, students develop respect for their own individuality and the diversity they see around them. Topics include the media, social media, and advertising, and how they promote appearance ideals with negative consequences. Students will learn strategies to promote and protect their body confidence, and commit to positive action to champion body confidence in themselves and others.

“No young person should leave school feeling that they can't participate fully in life because of the way that they think they look.” Nancy Etcoff, Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School.

The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited. Global review commissioned by Dove, 2010
Reframing Beauty – Unlocking the Potential of Young Girls. Commissioned by Dove, 2014

  • Five session self-esteem teaching resources
    Five session self-esteem teaching resources

    For teachers who wish to have a greater and longer-lasting impact on the body image of their students, our five-session program covers the issues that affect body confidence in more depth, with plenty of training and support materials.

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  • Single session self-esteem teaching resources
    Single session self-esteem teaching resources

    All the teaching resources you need to run a 45-60 minute body confidence workshop, including presentation materials and stimulus videos, lesson plans, and student activity sheets.

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