Teasing and bullying

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Teasing and bullying

How does teasing and bullying about looks affect a girl’s self-esteem in the long run? Worried your daughter is being teased about her appearance and not sure how to help? Use our practical articles and activities to help her understand what’s happening and how to avoid taking comments about her appearance to heart.

Teasing and bullying come in many forms today – in the real world and online. Sometimes the line between “a bit of fun” or “just joking” and teasing that is more hurtful can be blurred – especially during adolescence when girls are naturally more sensitive. This kind of teasing might not appear to be as serious as overt bullying, but it can still be upsetting for your daughter and have long-lasting, negative effects. If your daughter is feeling unhappy about people teasing her because of the way she looks, dresses or expresses herself, you need to understand how to deal with the situation and be there for her.

The more you can be in touch with the details of what this kind of teasing feels like, the more you can relate to the distress your daughter may be experiencing in school, online or even at home. More serious cases of bullying should be handled on an individual basis by professionals – you shouldn’t hesitate to get help if you think this is happening to your daughter. But how should you handle “teasing” and “joking” about your daughter’s looks? Our useful articles and activities will help lay the groundwork with your daughter so she can start dealing with, and understanding the dynamics of, appearance-focused teasing.

So start reading and sharing with your daughter today – and take action to support her and stop the teasing.

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