Why I’m brilliant: Self-esteem activities to boost confidence levels

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Why I’m brilliant: Self-esteem activities to boost confidence levels

When it comes to looks and physical appearance women are often their own toughest critics – and your daughter is probably no different. So try these activities with her and give her a fun way to boost confidence and show her just how brilliant she really is.

It’s common for girls at this age to become overly concerned with the way they look and prioritize appearance over other aspects of themselves. This activity will help girls think about themselves in a positive light.

Now play Why I’m brilliant

Your daughter can use this fun game to build a collection of pictures and words that describe all the reasons she should feel good about herself. From her talents to her personality, she’ll build up a brilliant picture that will really boost self-esteem.

How to play the game

We all have individual characteristics and traits that make us unique. With this activity, take the time to think about all the special things that you, your family and your friends value about you.

1. Find a photo of yourself that you like and stick it onto a blank sheet of paper.

2. Think about the things you like about yourself. Try to include one thing you like about your looks, one for your personality and two more that are talents you have. Find pictures that represent each of these, either in magazines or online, and stick them onto the same sheet if paper. Write “looks”, “personality” and “talents” as headings near each set of images. You can also add text in below the picture to explain what it is.

3. Now think about things your friends and family like about you and add these to your collage.

4. When you’ve finished and you’re really happy with what you’ve created share the finished product with your friends to inspire them to see the beauty in themselves.

5. Show it to your mom and ask her what she thinks of it. Maybe you can make one for her together?

6. The next time you think one of your friends is worried about their appearance, tell them why you like hanging out with them. It will remind them (and you) that looks aren’t the only things we value in our friends.

Action checklist:
How to build self-confidence and help your daughter be positive

Boost your daughter when she’s down: There’ll always be days when your daughter will feel down about her looks, so try to remind her of the many things that make her unique and valued.

Remind her what’s important: Self-esteem is about how confident she feels about her talents and abilities, and not just her looks.

Focus on what makes her special: Encourage your daughter to have an opinion on what makes her unique – from her looks and her individual personality to her talents.

Use the activities on this page to help the conversation: Challenge your daughter to find pictures that represent each of these traits. Your daughter will have to think of things that others like about her too, so offer some help with this part if she’s struggling.

S how your daughter you love everything about her: Help boost her body confidence and self-esteem by showing interest and enthusiasm for lots of the things that she does. Avoid focusing on one specific area, for example, success on a test, which can lead to her feeling that she’s only as valuable as her test scores.

Set a good example: Make sure you are a role model for a balanced, healthy lifestyle and a positive relationship with your own body for your daughter. She’ll pick up habits (good and bad) from you.

What next: Action steps to help

  • Use the self-esteem activities here with your daughter – and show her how brilliant she really is.
  • Share the Why I’m Brilliant game with your daughter. It will help her if she’s dealing with low self-esteem and could boost her confidence level.
  • Ask how they made her think and feel? Has it helped her to be positive about herself?
  • Encourage your daughter to share the activities with her friends and have the same conversation with them.

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